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How far can the bike go?

To provide a proper service for the borough and other businesses using the trial, we will cap the distance to a 3-mile radius with the option of a multi-drop and a consolidated delivery service.

How much can the bike hold?

Our cargo bikes hold up to 623 litres of volume which equates to 102 wine bottles or 8 A4 arch lever boxes. Total weight of 120kg.

Can you control temperature?

Yes, we can. On request we have bikes with built in ice chamber which keep items cold during transfer. We also use special industry insulated boxes to maintain goods requiring warm and ambient temperature.

How can I book?

We would work with you to select your weekly timeslot and provide you with a live Google sheet where you can fill out your delivery requirements and details. This will allow us to provide you with automated notifications.

Service hours

Monday to Friday (9:00 to 19:00) and Saturday to Sunday (9:00 to 17:00)

Are cargo bikes safe?

Yes, they are. At ecofleet all riders are trained to Bike Ability Level III and undergo a lengthy training period after having passed the test. In terms of the bike itself, riders are required to lock up the bike itself as well as the cargo hold containing merchandise.

For any other questions please email us on [email protected]