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Top Benefits Of Cargo Bike Courier In Last Mile Delivery Services

Top Benefits of Cargo Bike Courier in Last Mile Delivery Services

Not long ago, bicycles are only used for sports and recreational activities. In some places, bicycles are also used as a practical mode of transportation. As modern technology advances, innovations are also added to these traditional wheels. Now you can find bikes that are powered with batteries- they are called electronic bikes or eco-bikes.

Eco bikes are becoming popular nowadays. They are no longer used just for sports, recreation, and transportation, but for commercial purposes as well. Businesses, primarily those offering delivery services, are also now enjoying the benefits they provide. They are widely referred to as cargo bike couriers.

Though Cargo bike delivery services seem to be impractical at first, it is gaining a lot of support lately especially in London. Bikes are compact and small, and they need manual pedaling to run. What seems to be a tedious mode of delivering products has gotten more and more popular as they are proven to be as effective as delivery cars and trucks.

But why should you choose cargo bike delivery in London? Here are a few reasons why more businesses and consumers prefer this mode of delivery these days.

Cargo bike courier can carry almost anything

If you think cargo bike couriers can only carry letters and document parcels because of its small and compact size, think twice. These compact delivery wheels can handle small to large loads and can carry as much as 200 kgs. From fresh produce to grocery items, from small gadgets to large electronics like television sets, washing machines, and refrigerators and everything in between, eco-bikes can carry them. Of course, this depends on the size and type of bike used.


Traffic? No problem

In busy cities where traffic is consuming most of the delivery time, having something that will get you to your destination in the fastest time possible will give you great relief. Hate being stuck in traffic? With cargo bike couriers, traffic will never be a problem. Plus, you won’t be adding to the already problematic traffic in the city.

Faster delivery

Aside from the fast lane dedicated to bicycles which helps you avoid traffic, it is also easier to use alternative routes to get you to your destination faster. This makes delivering bikes faster than with trucks. Some people think that bikes run slower than delivery trucks as it needs manual pedaling to run. Contrary to common belief, eco bikes can run faster than vehicles. Most cargo bikes are designed with a small electric motor that makes it more powerful. This extra kick helps the cyclist speed up with ease even when going up to elevated areas like hills.

It is eco-friendly

In an era where environmental problems are getting worse every day, everyone is called to take part in the Earth’s conservation and healing process. One way of helping the environment is joining the green movement.

Opting for cargo bike delivery is an environmentally conscious way of having goods delivered. These carbon-neutral wheels are run by manual pedaling and powered by electronic batteries. They do not use fuel as other vehicles do. That means they can run around with zero-emission. So if you want to stick with your sustainable environment advocacy, the best eco-friendly way to have your package delivered across London is through cargo bike courier.

It’s more convenient

Parking a delivery truck can be a bit of a hassle especially if the parking area is fully occupied. You can’t just park it anywhere because aside from it can obstruct traffic flow, you may also be penalized for unauthorized parking. Bicycles, on the other hand, are easier to park. You can practically park it anywhere.

It promotes better health

Cycling is great for health. It is a fun and productive way to stay fit and healthy while earning a living. Among the various health benefits this form of exercise offer are:

  • It can help improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • It can boost joint mobility.
  • It’s great for muscle strength and flexibility.
  • It can help keep the bones stronger.
  • It helps ward off a variety of diseases.
  • It can help boost a better mood and reduce stress levels, depression, and anxiety.
  • It can help improve posture and coordination.
  • It can help enhance strength and stamina.
  • It’s a good way to shed extra fats and get leaner.

Cycling can improve both your physical and mental health. It is also a great way to avoid accidents caused by over-fatigue or sleepiness. A lot of delivery truck drivers meet accidents on the road because they fall asleep unconsciously. By being fit, you will feel energetic and awake the entire day.

Cheaper delivery option

Using eco-bikes for delivery can benefit both the businesses and consumers financially. Businesses don’t need to shell out a hundred thousand or even a million pounds to start their delivery service. They can also save on maintenance and repair costs.

Eco-bikes, on the other end, is way cheaper than trucks. And in most cases, you will only need to invest some pounds for the upfront cost. Bikes also need lesser maintenance than trucks. If something goes wrong, repairs and even component replacements will cost you almost nothing. Operation cost is very minimal. You also do not need to pay for the costly fuel.

With the maintenance, repair, operation, and upfront cost at a very low level, delivery companies utilizing eco-bikes usually charge a minimal amount for the delivery fee. So if you want to save on delivery cost, the best thing you can do is to switch to the cargo bike courier.

These are just some of the benefits cargo bike delivery offers. These are also the reasons why more and more people are supporting this delivery mode these days.