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The Benefits Of Cargo Bike Courier Service For E-Commerce Business

The Benefits Of Cargo Bike Courier Service For e-Commerce Business

Online retailers across the country are opting for white-label delivery services to reach out to their customers in less time and also without making any huge investments. A cargo bike courier can easily reach the location in less time compared to other delivery options. To make the process environmentally friendly and also cost-effective, white-label delivery companies are using electronic cargo bikes and vans.

What is delivery cargo bike:

An electric cargo bike is nothing else, but a bicycle or a tricycle. The rider requires to paddle to move forward, but unlike a regular bicycle, paddling e-cargo bike is effortless as it is electrically assisted. An additional engine fitted in the vehicle constantly helps the rider to move forward with minimum efforts. Often these cargo bikes have large loading capacity. A standard electronic cargo bike has a loading capacity of around 600L. These electronic bikes are also ideal for taking long delivery routes as their battery range can be up to 120 miles. Usually, when you hire them as a white-label delivery service, the company ensures that every bike has an additional battery. It ensures the uninterrupted delivery of the package.

Easy accessibility across the city:

Commercial cargo bikes can be used for going anywhere. Cycle lanes and pedestrian areas, even the dense city traffic cannot stop this eco-friendly bike from moving ahead. For cargo bikes, neither accessibility nor parking can be a problem as a rider can go straight to the doorstep of the destination. As long as you are not disturbing pedestrians, parking the bike on the widened pavement for a while you deliver the parcel is also possible.

Large loading capacity:

The loading capacity of the electric bike varies from 100L to 1000L. Most of the companies that offer such mindful delivery service use made in Denmark bikes for delivery. Large cargo bikes have a loading capacity of more than 600L, which is highly popular across the country.


Delivery through these electronic bikes is cost-effective. There is not the cost of fuel and insurance and the cost of battery charging is next to nothing. Any business should emphasize savings and using electronic cargo bikes leads to lots of savings as the parking cost is minimum and you’ll no longer have to pay fines for blocking the roadway.

One hundred percent environmental friendly:

Electric cargo bicycles or tricycles do not emit CO2. These e-bikes are considered more environmental-friendly than any other electronic vehicle as they consume minimum energy. The advanced electronic bikes are made to provide complete comfort to the rider. These light-weight bikes can carry and transport up to 150kg without any effort or noise. With electric assistance, the driver can reach the destination by pushing only a few paddles.

The simplicity associated with the concept:

Driving electronic bikes is simple. It does not require to have a driving license or transport capacity in compliance with the regulations. A delivery person who has never used an electronic cargo bike can easily get comfortable using it. Not only driving is simple, but these bikes need minimum maintenance, even removing and recharging the battery do not need special tools or skills.

Easy white-label delivery service:

Whether you are a start-up or have just entered the online retailing market, you can rely on a reputed company that provides white-label delivery service. Hiring a third party for making mindful deliveries is beneficial for both your business and for the environment.

Hiring the third party for delivery also saves your time and money which is highly required in establishing a strong and functional delivery network. Today, more retailers are opting for cargo bike delivery in London due to the amazing benefits that come along.


Electronic cargo bike delivery service is the future of e-commerce business. The mindful delivery service is essential to reduce the effect of global warming. Today, many companies are also using electronic vans to deliver large cargo. However, for delivering courier across the city, electric cargo bikes have proved most efficient in every way.