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Old But Gold: The Rebirth Of Cargo Bikes

Old But Gold: The Rebirth of Cargo Bikes

During the old times when automated four-wheeled vehicles were not widely used privately yet, people use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. But this two-wheeled pedal-driven velocipede was not only used for such purpose. Businesses also utilized bicycles for delivery purposes. The use of bicycles for carrying and delivering goods can be traced back around 600 years ago. Cargo bike delivery was not only useful in rural areas but also in the central business districts of metropolitan cities.

Purchasing delivery trucks would require businesses to invest a huge amount of money. Aside from the fact that not all businesses are fortunate enough to afford such an enormous investment, using bicycles for last-mile delivery services also offers other benefits. Bicycles are less prone to traffic jams in high-density cities. These wheels are also not subject to parking limitations, fines, or fees. They also require only minimal maintenance and they do not need fuel to function, making them less expensive to operate than delivery trucks.

Cargo bike courier services continued to boom until the 2010s especially in the United Kingdom. However, continuous technological advancement and the availability of more affordable delivery vehicles had encouraged more and more businesses to switch from bicycles to delivery trucks. Although, there are still a few messengers and couriers who use bicycles for delivery these days.

Modern Delivery Options

Fast forward to the modern world, businesses no longer use bicycles for delivering goods and mails. Instead, they now use vans, trucks, and cars for such purposes. Although this made delivery quicker, easier, and more convenient, they also come with some disadvantages. The increasing number of land vehicles used for delivery does not only add up to the worsening traffic problems that the major cities in the world are experiencing right now, but it also offers some detrimental effects on the environment.

Now that the world is facing serious environmental problems – talk about global warming issues and natural calamities-, the government is finding ways to save the earth. Recycling and going green are just some of these ways.

The New Era Of The Cargo Bikes

As the negative effects of disruptive technologies and fuel-powered vehicles to the environment become widely known, more and more people are getting involved in helping the government’s green movement. And one way of doing so is minimizing their own carbon footprints by cutting down the use of fuel-powered equipment and sorting back to manual works as much as possible. This paved way for the rebirth of cargo delivery bike.

But the human-powered bicycles we used to know of decades ago are no longer the same pedal-driven velocipede used by companies for cargo delivery services today. With the addition of technological innovation, the cargo bike courier becomes better and more reliable. Take a look at how this reemerging technology is helping both businesses and the environment today.

Cargo bikes offer economic viability

Cargo bikes offer an overall positive net economic contribution not only to businesses but also to the society and the environment as well. It is not fuel-powered, and thus you need not worry about the fluctuating fuel rate. Maintenance and repair are also quite low which keeps the operation cost at a minimum. These savings can be passed on to the customers, making delivery fees less costly.

Cargo bikes are environment-friendly

Bikes offer a cleaner and healthier mode of cargo transport. They are mostly human-powered and they do not cause any noise or air pollution. (how cargo delivery bike is saving mother earth) They can also help make the city streets cleaner and safer for pedestrians.

Cargo bikes are highly versatile

Cargo bikes are not only used by mailmen and messengers but also by businesses that offer delivery services. With bigger, better, and more robust built, this highly versatile transport vehicle can now be used to deliver virtually anything from lightweight grocery items to pretty heavy electronics, appliances, and even furniture.

In addition to its versatility, cargo bikes can easily pass through traffic jams and narrower streets, allowing faster delivery.

Cargo bikes are now made better

As mentioned earlier, cargo bikes are now made better with the addition of technological innovations. Unlike the old times, users of modern cargo bikes no longer have to exert more effort to keep them running as they are now powered by electricity. They are designed with high performing batteries which can easily be charged. This eliminates the need to do all the manual pedalling works. Having the bicycle battery-powered also enables it to run faster than before, making it a sustainable and reliable transport mode for both rural and urban deliveries.

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