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How Last-Mile Delivery Services Are Coping Up With COVID-19 Impact

How Last-Mile Delivery services are coping up with COVID-19 impact

None of us could have ever imagined for the world we are living in today. Almost every segment of the industry got severely affected due to coronavirus attacks. The European government’s growing isolation and shutting down of borders to tackle the transmission of the virus has disrupted the supply chain. However, at these uncertain times, it’s even more critical for us to stay in business. We at ecofleet are following recommendations provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to keep our community and customers safe. With our last-mile delivery services, we are striving to cater to all our customers.

1. A sudden spike in demand for online deliveries

Amidst Pandemic, there is a steep increase in demand for online purchasing. Suppliers across the globe are facing a hard time to deliver the products to customers. There is a profound change in buying behavior of people, more than ever, customers are making purchases online from e-commerce websites. The most significant surge is observed in online grocery shopping, as supermarkets are falling short to meet high demands. Since people are being encouraged to remain indoors, many businesses rely solely on online delivery options to keep their business afloat. If you’re a small scale enterprise and finding it difficult to manage orders, a dedicated team at ecofleet can rescue your business with its last-mile delivery service. By opting for this delivery solution, you can increase the outreach of your business and enhance the customers’ buying experience.

2. Ensuring the safety of drivers and customers

In this ongoing COVID outbreak, it is our top priority to keep customers and drivers safe. Therefore, we are taking measures to minimise contact between delivery executives and customers. We allow our customers to track the parcel in real-time and alert them as the package reaches close to their destination.
The ecofleet is also following hygiene practices. Our team members get regular training to maintain social distancing and sanitising.
Our warehouses, fleet vehicles, and delivery equipment are frequently sanitised, and the staff undergoes thermal monitoring daily.

3. Prioritising delivery of essential goods

The COVID -19 lockdown has changed the lifestyle of the ordinary man. It has affected the working and spending patterns of people. Now, the consumers are consciously spending & prioritising essential purchases. Also, there is high growth in sales of food, health, and hygiene-related products as well as an increase in the demand for entertainment and exercising products.
It is necessary to fulfill customer’s requirements of essential commodities to keep brand loyalty. Hence, prioritising the delivery of goods is important.

4. Preparing for newer expectation

As the whole world adapts to the changes caused by a coronavirus, we are also evolving to cater to our audience more safely and efficiently. We at ecofleet are taking proactive steps by making small changes in the way we carry & deliver products to make significant differences. Firstly, we encourage customers to choose digital payment modes to minimise contact. Secondly, we are allowing customers to select the contact-less delivery option, where our executive will leave the parcel outside the customer’s door. However, every product requires a unique treatment. In the case of delivering bulky goods, our approach remains to meet the customers’ convenience.


5. Optimising routes for a speedy delivery

Our community is working efficiently to meet the growing demands of customers amid COVID-19 crisis. With the help of route optimisation software, we are maximising the number of deliveries on time. Our drivers are enabled to quickly re-route in the last minute changes and ensure no unnecessary delays happen. Route optimisation allows us to integrate new orders into the system and schedule delivery accordingly. Drives also get regular updates about the best possible routes. It helps them in faster deliveries of high volumes and helps us to save on fuel.

Last-Mile delivery, a wise option for retailers amid virus woes

The unprecedented coronavirus outbreak has affected small-scale stores to business giants. To cope up with the losses, every segment of the industry is reinventing the business model. More than ever, consumers are also looking for seamless & quick delivery options at their doorsteps. To efficiently cater to the new demands of consumers, many retailers are opting for last-mile delivery & logistic solution. According to the analysis, US daily e-commerce sales grew by 49% in April 2020. Whereas, Bizrate Insights found that 55% of online consumers said they were ordering online than they were before the virus hit the world. As disruptions in the supply chains have taken a toll on retail businesses, analysts predict that even in the Post-COVID world, shoppers would spend less time in offline stores and more time buying items online. Therefore, taking the business online and choosing a last-mile delivery solution would be the best choice for retailers.