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Five Tips To Choose Best Courier Service For Your Business

Five Tips To Choose Best Courier Service For Your Business

When it comes to online business, selecting the right courier service is vital for building long term relationships with customers, growing business and saving money. From Start-ups to big brands, everyone takes care of the shipping process to maintain customer satisfaction.

Timely shipment and delivery of products make a lot of difference in customer loyalty and sales. If your product reaches customers on or before time with proper intimation, you are most likely to receive repeat orders from them.

But how to choose the right shipping partner for your business? Don’t all delivery companies provide similar services? What sort of vehicles should you look for your products? You will get all the answers in the following blog.

We have created a checklist that you should tick off while looking for the best courier service in the town.

1.Delivery Speed

The speed of product delivery from courier service to the customers can impact your brand reputation and contribute to profits and losses. This is because, how quickly and safely the products reach customers, there are more chances they will reorder products.

Generally, the customer expects their parcel to be delivered in 3-5 working days, but with growing competition, some e-commerce platforms have started same-day and one-day delivery options. Hence, it is always good to explore options and choose the right courier service according to your business. For instance, if you’re selling online groceries and veggies, then you should look for fast delivery options like same-day or one-day delivery.

Ensure you do good research about the shipment company and know what vehicles they use for the delivery. You can also take out social media polls to know what sort of delivery your customer wants,

ecofleet empowers the retailers by offering same-day delivery service through electric vans and CARGO DELIVERY BIKE.

2. Weight and size of products

Another essential aspect to consider while choosing courier service for your business is to understand the transportation requirement according to the type and size of the product. The size and weight of your product may affect the delivery option. If you deal in electronic goods, e.g. tv, fridges or ACs, you will have to look for heavy goods courier service, as not all delivery services have means to carry big and bulky products.

Courier service units use volumetric weight to measure the weight of your products, which helps you determine the cost of delivery. In most companies, the use of the following sum is used to measure the weight of products.

Length x width x breadth ÷ 6000 or 5000 = weight of products.

3.Delivery proof

If the items fail to reach the customer or get misplaced during transit, what kind of image will your brand make on your customer’s mind?  Maybe you’ll lose that customer.

It is always better to search for courier services that can provide you with a proof of delivery in the form of a signature from customers, photos or OTP codes. Depending on the need, customers and type of products you deal in, it may be suitable to choose a delivery partner that can provide you real-time tracking of products to ensure peace of mind to both you and customers.

Some delivery companies intimate the customers with a text message or phone call to let them know about the delivery date, exact time and share delivery executive’s contact details. This personal communication enhances the buying journey of customers.

4. Shipment charges

The next key point to consider while choosing the right courier service is to evaluate the cost of outsourcing shipping operations. As a business owner, you will have to analyze the price with the value shipping company adds to your business. It isn’t easy to understand because you will have to measure the budget with customer satisfaction, which is a non-measurable value. However, there are several ways to measure the value added by your courier service partner through checking reviews on social media or sending a rating selector to know how happy your customers are.

You should always evaluate the shipping cost and choose accordingly. Still, it is advisable not to only go by price; you should check various other aspects as the quality of service can directly affect the overall sales.

5.Sustainable deliveries

As people all over the world are getting aware about environmental hazards caused by pollution, several shipping companies are offering sustainable delivery services via electric vans and bikes. In fact, in London, the trend of CARGO BIKE DELIVERY is on the rise.

Choosing a sustainable courier service for your business will add value and respect amongst your customers and will let you contribute to saving the environment.

With an environment-friendly mindset, the ecofleet offers electric vans and CARGO BIKE COURIER SERVICES to retailers and help them in accelerating their business with quick and safe logistics services.